About 3 years ago I got started in the wonderful world of websites.   I started with a website called SmackInTheCrack.com.   It was just a simple funny picture website.   However, since I was new to the web world, it wasn’t long until smackinthecrack.com was costing more to run than it was worth and I gave it up.

It was only a month later when I got an itch to start another website.  So I thought I’d give the internet another try.   I decided to get some advice from my brother who owns several successful websites, most notably TodayiFoundOut.com.  He gave me a few simple tips to follow.   It was then I started a funny picture dump site called DumpaDay.com.   It took awhile, but I still own that site today, after two years.   It’s success has (it currently is in the top 20,000 websites on the internet according to Alexa.com) inspired me to start a network of sites.

I started with a funny signs website called BizarreSigns.com, it only took about a month for that site to start seeing success.   I was excited and started a third website called DemotivatingPosters.com.  The first day DemotivatingPosters.com was up and running, it got over 35,000 visitors!  I was blown away.   Within one week I was making my first real income from the internet.   I took a chance and did what everyone wants to do, I quit my “real job” and decided to make a go at working for myself.   I started 3 new sites right away, MyHumorSpot.com, DailyRandomFacts.com and Prankked.com.

With 6 websites under my belt I literally would spend 10 to 12 hours a day on the internet.   I knew I needed to get organized and cut my work time down by at least half, otherwise I’d never have a life.   (well a life outside of the wonderful world on the web).   I spent the next several months figuring out different ways to do things and still post quality pictures and information on my sites.   After about 4 months I had my work time cut down to just 3 hours for the six websites.

It wasn’t long before I found myself getting bored.  So I started looking around for different website ideas.  I had also become a big fan of one network of funny sites, it was of course the ihascheezeburgers.com network.   Thanks to them, I was inspired to start my own network.   I had my doubts of course, since  ihascheezeburger.com network is run by several people and I was just one guy.   However after a “Go Big Or Go Home” pep talk from my amazing wife (who by the way runs a mouth watering cooking site called PictureTheRecipe.com)  I dove head first into it…

I went and bought the domain names for this site of course, QuickMovieFacts.com  then 11 other sites.  FacebookHumor.com, FunnyMeme.com, FunTwitterQuotes.com, QuickMovieFacts.com, FunnyBadParents.com, FunDefinitions.com, FunnyProblems.com, RandomShortJokes.com, OwnedByAutoCorrect.com, LOLAnimalPictures.com,  HumorousNames.com, and FunnyPhotobombers.com.

Now here I am, with 20 websites of my own.  I have no idea how this is going to go or if they will even be something that the world wants to see.   But I promise to do my best to keep adding the best content I can find around the internet to each site.   I can’t take all the credit though, some of you have really helped me out a lot by submitting your own pictures to the sites.   I appreciate that more than I can express.